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Springdale School District
Springdale School District 7 days ago

May 27 - June 26, Springdale schools summer meal program will offer curbside pick-up for the Grab-n-go lunches. Pick-up locations will be open MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY. For details in English, Spanish, and Marshallese, go to

Parson Hills Elementary
Parson Hills Elementary 8 days ago

Good News Parents!
If you purchased a class group picture they have arrived. Pictures can be picked up by coming to school starting Thursday, May 21st through Wednesday, June 10th. Pickup time is 8:00-3:00. The office will be closed Monday, May 25, 2020 in observance of Memorial Day.

Please come and pick up Spring Individual pictures and Yearbooks if you have purchased one and haven't picked it up already.

We do NOT have any extra Yearbooks to sell.

Parson Hills Elementary
Parson Hills Elementary 12 days ago

Hang in there

Parson Hills Elementary
Parson Hills Elementary 15 days ago

Hey Parson Hills! Check out this great interview with Ethan Bortnick! He is about your age and is incredible at playing piano.