Parking & Drop Off

Update to Dismissal for 2020-2021:

Kindergarten only students (students that do not have siblings in other SES grades) will release from the front of the building.


New tags will be ready for distribution on August 21st. Those not picked up on August 21st will be given to students on the first day they come to school. After that time, all parents must use the new tags. Each child will be assigned a number which will be placed on the tag. We cannot group non-familial students who are riding together on one tag because the student's names will display in each teacher's classroom. Please call the office if someone is coming to pick up your child. They will need to bring ID and follow the directions for Early Check In/Out. The car tags will serve for this purpose as well.

All parents or guardians must display the new car tags when they enter the school driveway. Please put them on your rear view mirror so the staff person sending numbers to the classroom can see them easily.

Starting the second week of school, we will only be using the new car tags like one in the picture below. ANYONE WHO COMES TO PICK UP A STUDENT WITHOUT THE NEW CAR TAG MUST GO TO THE FRONT OFFICE. A SCHOOL EMPLOYEE CAN CHECK YOUR ID AND GO PRINT A NEW TAG FOR YOU. All available staff will be working the dismissal line, so they may not be available right away to go get a new tag for you. This will delay the time it takes for you to pick up your child, so please remember your tags.

Additional or replacement car tags will be $3.00 each.

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