Art Feeds reveals 50th mural at Sonora Elementary School

Art Feeds revealed its 50th mural April 29 at Sonora Elementary School.

“Participating in the 50th Art Feeds mural comes at the perfect time, post-COVID, to bring our learning community together, while creating a sense of ownership for each student,” said Regina Stewman, Sonora Elementary School principal. “It provides a visual representation to all our students that when we come together, we can accomplish great things. The mural will provide a sense of pride for years.”

Art Feeds believes in the power of children, art and community and designed the mural from the imaginations of little artists, allowing students to make the decisions.

Art Feeds began a partnership with Sonora Elementary and school art instructors Lena Nguyen and Jordan Anson for the production of the mural with the support of 660 Sonora Elementary students.

Art Feeds’ mural curriculum was used by Nguyen and Anson in their Art classes to facilitate the students' design and production over four weeks in February and March.

The students chose the theme “Dreams and Perseverance,” the Peppy Pastels color palette and made 660 paint brush buddies as part the project.

Participating students created drawings to tell the story of the theme, which Art Feeds’ team of designers then turned into one collaborative mural by carefully tracing each drawing and placing them into a digital design.

Sonora students saw the mural for the first time at the reveal, where they discovered the power of their own art and how it can change their school and community!

The 12-foot-by-8-foot mural will be placed inside Sonora Elementary for students, staff, parents and community members to enjoy.

The mural was made possible by the Walmart Foundation.

Art Feeds has created 50 murals with over 18,000 little artists over the last 10 years.

Art Feeds' mural projects not only provide opportunities for creative expression and arts education, mural projects also emphasize collaboration, problem solving skills, expression, risk taking, confidence building and student empowerment. Art Feeds believes these methods equip students for further success in life and education.